What We Are

We are Seasoned, Experienced, Commercial Consultants, Strategist and Trainers.

Our consultants all have generalist commercial knowledge and delivery experience, individually they have specialised skill sets in order to deal with specific commercial challenges.

We are the consultancy Business Leaders and particularly who Owner Managers turn to when they require considered, enduring results!


Meet the Team

How We Work

Typically we deliver to clients by allocating a Principle Consultant to assess the specific need and then once the brief is fully understood we allocate more specialist associates and resources as appropriate.

We feel passionate and privileged to be able to do what we do with our wide network of clients and this attitude shines thorough when we deliver!

Fundamentally, we really give a damn!  It's not just about a quick win but a strategic play for sustainable, lasting success!

Why Choose Us

We understand that driving a team or an organisation to achieve all its ideas and goals is tough! No one can whistle a symphony on their own. With modern communications and globalisation, gone are the days of the one man superhero at the top of the tree.

When positive re-enforcement or fresh thinking is required, Corporate Candy are there to help!

We have the experience, skills, tools and energy to support you to achieve your organisations goals and ambitions.

In fact, in many cases our consultants, have founded, built, managed and exited successful international institutions and businesses themselves, giving us the ability to truly relate and empathise with our clients’ challenges and needs.

We believe that our experience and relentless attitude of working smart, fast and hard shines through in our delivery again and again. 

Experience. Empowering Change! 


References (famously) available on request…

Due to the confidential nature of the work we do with our clients it would not be appropriate to publicise our completed mandates or in any way take credit for what is ultimately, our clients successes. That said, the majority of our clients would be prepared to offer direct verbal or personal references should they be required.